Wayne Industries & EBSCO LED Displays merge to create EBSCO Signs & Displays

  • 14 Mar 2012 10:25 AM
    Message # 858653
    Wayne Industries & its sister company, EBSCO LED Displays, have merged to create the new "EBSCO Signs & Displays".  

    Within the SESA Wayne Industries had been serving as a wholesale provider of distortion screen printed sign faces, formed polycarbonate faces and UL listed aluminum cabinets.  EBSCO LED displays had been supplying wholesale LED displays.  

    The merger of these two companies simplifies the point of contact to a single person, in the SouthEast that person is, Mike Townsend, available at mtownsend@ebscosigns.com or 941-228-8135.

    For those unfamiliar with EBSCO LED displays the website is www.ebscoleddisplays.com

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